What you'll learn

about this process for opening your heart to the vibration of unlimited intelligence and the loving guidance it provides.

  • Quantum Health

    Discover how sacred geometry relates to quantum physics and provides a matrix for accessing negative emotions and stress triggers. Find out how the heart is the gateway to the scalar field of unlimited potentiality and learn how to access the innate wisdom of your own heart.

  • Shift Ancestral Patterns

    Learn how our negative mind-brain conditioning and behavior is often deeply rooted in ancestral inheritance patterns stemming from unresolved issues/traumas/beliefs from our parent’s parents.

  • Become a Practitioner

    Become a Certified Practitioner so you can help yourself, clients, family, and friends connect to their highest potential.


  • Stephen Linsteadt


    Stephen Linsteadt

    Stephen Linsteadt is a doctor of natural medicine, painter, writer, poet, and a student of the heart. He is a certified nutritional consultant and a member of The American Association of Nutritional Consultants. He studied energy medicine and bioresonance in Germany based on the principles of Oriental Medicine. He was the co-founder of New Hope Clinic, an integrative center specializing in chronic illness, and has shared his experience in the book he co-authored: "The Heart of Health: the Principles of Physical Health and Vitality." Stephen is the founder of Scalar Heart Connection® and the author of the books, "Quantum Healing Codes, " "The Heart of the Hero," and "Scalar Heart Connection," a process designed to help people uncover negative emotional patterns behind ill-health and other challenges with well-being.

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What Others Are Saying:

by Vanessa Serra


by Vanessa Serra

I am very grateful to the Universe for giving me this amazing tool that is Scalar Heart Connection. With it I am able to make my sessions more powerful as a Systemic Constellation Facilitator, Coach, Pedagogue and Psychopedagogy. With each session I am more in love with this heart connection tool. Thank you Stephen for giving us this incredible work that helps us daily in our personal lives and as therapists.
Patricia Streloff

Comprehensive and Integrated

Patricia Streloff

Your presentation of ideas and concepts thread through time in antiquity. I have yet to come across someone whose work is so comprehensive, integrated, and palatable for all. This is the kind of integration of ideas I believe is being called for to connect – connect us all. If in fact, we are all connected and “it is” all connected, your work ties this together beautifully from both a science and faith perspective. To me, this bridge, this rainbow bridge, is integral at this time. When we ‘see’ the big picture, we are able to have full perspective bridging time and space and all matter/matters. On behalf of humanity (whether they see it or not), thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work you do & have done. This is the great work.
Dr. Michael Smith, MD

Looking Deeper into Yourself

Dr. Michael Smith, MD

Scalar Heart Connection helps you look deeper into yourself. It is like a flashlight. It raises your consciousness as you do it